How Often Should You Blog?

Calendar iconPeople who are new to blogging often wonder what the best posting pace to maximize the growth of their blog is. The ideal blog posting frequency will depend on several factors, including the type of audience and the subject at hand. Let’s narrow things down however to an acceptable range.

I wouldn’t consider a blog that posts less than once a month to be an active blog. [1] Conversely, a blog that isn’t powered by multiple authors and/or isn’t a professional news outlet or the like, probably shouldn’t post more than a couple of times a day at most. [2]

So we have a wide range here. From once a month to two or three posts per day. Which one is right for you?

My suggestion is to base the answer on a couple of factors.

First, your ability to produce valuable content plays a huge role. It is always, without a doubt, better to post great content less frequently than to post useless stuff for the sake of posting often. Based on the time you can dedicate to blogging and your speed in researching and producing posts, being completely honest with yourself, how many great posts can you comfortably push out each week?

For most people the answers is one or two a week at most. If you have to, it really is better to compromise quantity over quality.

The second factor is consistency. Are you able to deliver your set number of articles per week on a regular basis? [3] If you only write two articles per week on your good weeks, it’s far better to set your publishing schedule to one post per week and leverage good weeks to stock up in advance on scheduled posts. This will also save you from constantly feeling like you need to write everything at the last-minute.

Try to be somewhat consistent in establishing a certain posting frequency expectation among your readers. You want your audience to feel like your posts are a regular part of their week/month that they can look forward to and enjoy on a regular basis.

In the case of this blog, I’ve set an informal pace of one post per week. On my programming blog, I now post twice a week.

If you are already blogging with a certain regularity, how many posts per month or week do you publish?

  1. This can be okay if you have multiple blogs, and some of these are on the back burner intentionally. I have some rarely updated blogs myself. ^
  2. Exceptions do exist of course. Particularly if you are doing nano-publishing, where the content is mostly small quips and links to other resources. ^
  3. If you are a long time follower of this blog or others of mine, you’ll know that I have failed at times to blog with consistency. There have been periods where blogging wasn’t a priority and my online properties weren’t updated as often as they should have as a result. I have recently recommitted to blogging on a regular basis on two of my blogs, Technical Blogging and Zen and the Art of Programming. ^

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Antonio Cangiano is a Software Developer and Technical Evangelist for IBM, as well as a web entrepreneur, serial blogger, and published author. He makes extra income blogging in his spare time about technical topics. He authored a definitive blogging book published by The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

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