Share the Conversations with Yourself

I have an ongoing conversation with myself. It takes place inside my head.

I’m not alone. We call it thinking.

I think about a lot of things each day, though I capture very few of these thoughts on paper.

Sometimes I’ll share them, summarized, wrapped in a blanket of humor, on Twitter.

Even more seldom, about once a week, I’ll elaborate them a little and share them through my blogs.

The funny thing about these conversations is that the very act of writing them down requires a formalization of sort, and the process itself elaborates the ideas further, thus purifying them.

The real tragedy is that a lot of worthwhile thoughts and conversations with myself are never published anywhere. They’ll die with me.

Some of these ideas, trust me on this, deserve better. They deserve to be shared, discussed, evolved, changed, and perhaps, at times, even debunked.

For that to happen, other people’s minds are needed. I can give birth to the thought, but the proverbial village will be required to raise it to all that it can be.

Sometimes I doubt myself. I think, “Nah, this idea is stupid”, or “This is obvious”, or worry about what other people might think.

Perhaps, they’ll think less of me. Perhaps, it will be clear then I’m not as good as I hope to be.

Not sharing my thoughts and ideas feels safer. They can’t criticize what I haven’t shared.

But if my thought, idea, or ongoing conversation with myself is important enough for me to ponder at length, then it’s important enough to share with others.

To put out there in the universe, where it can mingle with other thoughts, invade other minds, contribute to the collective consciousness of the human race.

Fear be damned. Criticism be damned.

The more prolific we are, the more original we become. The better thinkers, artists, communicators we edify ourselves to be.

Write it down. Share it. Repeat as often as you can. Do it as if your life depends on it. Because, in good part, it does.

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About Antonio Cangiano

Antonio Cangiano is a Software Developer and Technical Evangelist for IBM, as well as a web entrepreneur, serial blogger, and published author. He makes extra income blogging in his spare time about technical topics. He authored a definitive blogging book published by The Pragmatic Bookshelf.


  1. Awesome- “The more prolific we are, the more original we become”. That’s a wonderful slap in the mouth of that doubting voice that questions every idea and thought. Keep the thoughts coming.

  2. Keep ideas and thoughts coming. Don’t mind them.
    Thank You For your post

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