How to Automatically Send Your Blog Posts to Your Email Subscribers via Mailchimp

Several people have asked me how to set up a campaign so that new posts are automatically sent to your email subscribers. I created a video to show you how to do it with Mailchimp.

Sign up with MailChimp, then follow along on YouTube.

This is my first video and I’m not entirely happy about it, but I think it will do for now. Please let me know if you find this type of video useful and I’ll create more.

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About Antonio Cangiano

Antonio Cangiano is a Software Developer and Technical Evangelist for IBM, as well as a web entrepreneur, serial blogger, and published author. He makes extra income blogging in his spare time about technical topics. He authored a definitive blogging book published by The Pragmatic Bookshelf.


  1. After watching several MailChimp videos that didn’t help much in my attempts to set up my first campaign for my blog TechLynch, I somehow by some luck landed on Technical Blogging and succeeded in setting up my first campaign using Antonio Cangiano’s tutorial video. Thank you so much.

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