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Don’t Count on Ads

Dr. Dobbs is an iconic publication for programmers. Yesterday they announced that they’d be shutting down after 38 years of operation. Despite its growing audience, the site has failed to monetize those eyeballs to a degree that satisfies their parent company. Sadness aside, what’s remarkable here is that their number of page views grew while […]

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In Which I Share Statistics from My Blogs

One of the most enjoyable aspects of running a blog is, let’s admit it, checking out its statistics. [1] You can gain insight about your readers and figure out where your traffic is coming from. Above all, you can determine what’s working and what’s not in terms of content and marketing strategies. Just for fun, today […]

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How Often Should You Blog?

People who are new to blogging often wonder what the best posting pace to maximize the growth of their blog is. The ideal blog posting frequency will depend on several factors, including the type of audience and the subject at hand. Let’s narrow things down however to an acceptable range. I wouldn’t consider a blog […]

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