Which Blogging Platform Should You Choose?

Every prospective blogger must make a series of decisions. The subject, domain name, publication frequency, logo, font, you name it. All these decisions shape your blog. Perhaps one of the most crucial decisions that you can make is picking a blogging platform. I like to classify blogging platforms into three different categories: Hosted blogs. These […]

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Should You Disclose the Date of Your Posts?

When I google for something and land on a blog, I usually start looking for clues about a post’s age. I’ll look at the address bar hoping to see a date in the permalink. I’ll look around the title and at the end of the post, searching for a “Posted on” label. Finally, I’ll take […]

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Getting Rid of Random Characters Appended to the URLs of Your WordPress Posts

Earlier today I noticed that among the WordPress blogs I run, Technical Blogging was the only one that generated a random string of characters appended to the permalinks of my posts. It looked something like this: http://technicalblogging.com/a-new-blog-a-new-adventure/#.Tu9uCXN5vmM My first assumption was that this was some sort of hash used by the WP Super Cache plugin, […]

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