Is Blogging Still Worth It?

A decade or so ago, Blogging was the hot thing to do. We all heard stories of stay-at-home moms, college kids, and unemployed middle-aged guys starting a blog about something like parenting, cooking, or fitness, who ended up creating a small digital empire. Best-selling book included. These days, however, you might find yourself thinking that […]

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Is YouTube Worth Your Time as a Marketing Tool?

A reader wrote to me with a question about whether YouTube was worth it as a marketing tool. The shortest answer I could give is that today YouTube is as important as having a blog. Here is why: YouTube, which is owned by Google, is the most used search engine after Google itself. When a quality […]

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Google Killed the RSS Feed

The RSS feed is in a coma. Google put it in that state and, boy, have they ever dropped the ball on this one. It all started with Google’s attempt to steer their huge ship towards the mythical land of all things Social. You see, Facebook’s success really took a few giant tech companies by […]

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