Should You Disclose the Date of Your Posts?

When I google for something and land on a blog, I usually start looking for clues about a post’s age. I’ll look at the address bar hoping to see a date in the permalink. I’ll look around the title and at the end of the post, searching for a “Posted on” label. Finally, I’ll take […]

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Getting Rid of Random Characters Appended to the URLs of Your WordPress Posts

Earlier today I noticed that among the WordPress blogs I run, Technical Blogging was the only one that generated a random string of characters appended to the permalinks of my posts. It looked something like this: http://technicalblogging.com/a-new-blog-a-new-adventure/#.Tu9uCXN5vmM My first assumption was that this was some sort of hash used by the WP Super Cache plugin, […]

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