Technical Blogging Book

Technical Blogging published by The Pragmatic Bookshelf is the first book to specifically teach programmers, technical people, and technically oriented entrepreneurs how to become successful bloggers. With this book you’ll learn all the techniques you need to attract and keep a large audience of loyal, regular readers and leverage this popularity to achieve your goals.

Technical Blogging Book

I’ll teach you how to:

  • Plan and build a successful technical blog
  • Share your technical know-how with the wide audience that you will quickly attract
  • Write content and headlines that get read and shared, increasing your influence in your field
  • Use your blog to advance your career and raise your profile in the technical community of your choice
  • Earn extra income each month (I make thousands of dollars a month from my blogs, as discussed in the book)
  • Become a better self-promoter without having to sell your soul
  • Leverage your blog and social media properties to promote your own startup/business


Chapter 0: Introduction to Technical Blogging

Plan It

Chapter 1: What Kind of Blog are You Going to Run?
Chapter 2: A Rock-Solid Plan for Your Blog

Build It

Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Blog
Chapter 4: Customizing and Fine-Tuning Your Blog
Chapter 5: Creating Remarkable Content
Chapter 6: Producing Content Regularly

Promote It

Chapter 7: Promoting Your Blog
Chapter 8: Understanding Traffic Statistics
Chapter 9: Building a Community Around Your Blog

Benefit From It

Chapter 10: Making Money From Your Blog
Chapter 11: Promoting Your Own Products
Chapter 12: Taking Advantage of Your Blog to the Fullest

Scale It

Chapter 13: Scaling Your Blogging Activities
Chapter 14: Beyond Blogging: Your Strategy for Social Media
Chapter 15: Final Words of Advice

But don’t take my word for it

Derek SiversI’m in absolute awe at this amazing book, going above and beyond the best advice I’ve ever heard on the subject. I wish I had read this two years ago, as I had to learn this the hard way. This book has got me inspired to get back to writing more.

Derek Sivers founder, CD Baby and popular blogger

Andy LesterAntonio covers everything from the philosophy of what makes good blog content to the nitty-gritty of what software plugins to use and the best time of day to publish articles. Every few pages, I added another item to my to-do list to improve my blog.

Andy Lester author, Land The Tech Job You Love

Peter CooperPractical, to the point, and overflowing with handy advice and knowledge about blogging for technical folks, whether to make money, build a career, or just for fun.

Peter Cooper Editor in Chief, Ruby Inside

Satish TalimStraightforward, informative and practical, Technical Blogging does a great job of making sense of many of the key aspects of blogging in a fun, easy-to-digest manner. I highly recommend it!

Satish Talim founder, RubyLearning

Kalid AzadAntonio’s book concisely summarizes the lessons I wish I knew when starting out. If you value your time, read this book.

Kalid Azad Software Developer and Founder, BetterExplained

Johanna RothmanI felt as if Antonio was my own private consultant helping me every step of the way, updating and crafting my blogs for maximum value. I will be reading and re-reading this book every few months to make sure I haven’t missed anything. If you blog, read this book. If you’re considering blogging, read this book. Do not let a day go by without reading this book.

Johanna Rothman author, Manage Your Project Portfolio

Susan VisserI’ve been blogging for about 6 years now and have read much on the internet as well as one book about the subject. I really thought I knew just about everything I needed to know until I read Antonio’s book! The guidance he provides in this book go well beyond the standard guidance. I truly appreciate the years of experience that Antonio brings to this book and can see how using his advice will substantially increase the quality and interest in any blog by any blogger, regardless of experience.

Susan Visser Avid blogger and Publishing Program Manager, IBM

Ludovico MagnocavalloExcellent book. Too bad competition from high quality blogs will substantially increase as soon as this book hits the stores.

Ludovico Magnocavallo Co-founder, the leading nanopublishing network

Rob LevinI went to Amazon, but this little gem hasn’t made it there yet… I’m very happy with this and need to know where to give my 5 stars rating!

Rob Levin Software Engineer

What you get when you buy

  • DRM-free e-book in three formats (PFD, MOBI, EPUB) which are suitable for the iPad/Kindle/Nook and other devices. (When buying from the publisher.)
  • Automatic delivery of book updates, including Dropbox uploads. (When buying from the publisher.)
  • Printed copy of the book. (Optional if buying from the publisher.)
  • Forum support for your blogging and book-related questions.
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